Top 3 Beard Myths
Top 3 Beard Myths

Top 3 Beard Myths

The Top 3 Beard Myths we have come across at The London Beard Company.

Beard grows wirey and wirey

Myth: I won’t grow out my beard because it grows in wirey and wirey beards are unattractive.

Fact: Wirey beards when fully grown often take on a very distinctive shape that can be very distinguished. And even for those wirey beards that need taming, there are products such as The Mancunian Beard Oil that can help make beard soft.

All parts of the beard should grow at the same rate

Myth: All parts of the beard should grow at the same rate.

Fact: Cheeks often grow in slower than the chin hairs and there is nothing wrong with that. Eventually, the cheeks will catch up and with some trimming/shaping, the beard can look completely full once you’ve reached around 2 or 3 months growth that’s when you can really get your beard oil to work its magic.

Beards are itchy and scratchy

Myth: Beards are itchy and scratchy?

Fact: Most guys have little or no itching. For the ones that do, usually, this passes in a week or two. If it comes back, it is probably related to dry skin or other skin condition, not the beard itself. And once past the stubble phase, most beards get significantly softer to the touch, so scratchiness is no longer an issue. To help with dry skin condition try applying some beard oil.

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