A beard is something which can make a world of difference to any man of style and substance. Grooming your beard style for men is, no doubt, an art. Whether you just want to have a beard, or flaunt it as a means to satisfy your urge to look your best, you just cannot go without choosing a style for yourself. While some of the so-called “Top Beard Styles” have ended up being a mere nine days wonder, some of them have stood the long test of time. So here I am going to suggest you some of the beard styles which can make a radical improvement in your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of shaving, or if you have been shaving for many decades.

Five o’clock shadow

 Five o’clock shadow

The term five o’clock shadow itself refers to the stubble, which is detectable late in the day, on men who have shaved their faces right in the morning. This style can easily be maintained with a good quality beard trimmer. You can never go wrong with this rugged look if you wish to add definition to your face, especially if you have a softer bone structure.

Circle beard

circle beard

Here, chin beard and mustache are joined along the sides of the mouth. The style, also known as “door knocker,” is perfect for young men with round faces. However, an overgrown circle beard can be a big fashion faux pa and hence, guys with circle beards should trim the beard regularly.


goatee styles

Theoretically, the goatee suggests hair growth only on the chin area. Nevertheless, these days, people often refer to the Van Dyck as a goatee. Van Dyck is actually, a moustache that is worn with a chin beard, which does not remain connected. Once again, this can be a good style statement for young men with rounder faces. However, men with finer, lighter-colored hair may not find it easy to develop a well-defined goatee.

The Balbo

the balbo beard style

It can be called a variation of the goatee style. Here the mustache and the beard do not remain connected.

The Full Beard

The Full Beard

This conventional beard style is ideal for a wearer with relatively weak jaw line.

Manicured Scruff

Do you want to sport some fashionable heavy stubble? Then go for manicured scruff. Good option for the baldies, this beard style is easy to “make” too. Just grow your beard for about a week, and then, clean shave your neck. This style gives an impression that its wearer is a Lighthearted, easy-going person, even thoroughly well-groomed.

Anchor Beard Style

This refers to a beard sans the sideburns. It extends along jaw line and finally, styles into a point. You can even combine the beard style with a “pencil” moustache.

French Fork

A slight variation from the full beard, “French Fork” refers to the style that extends off the chin. In the middle, it splits into two different parts.

Old Dutch

To put it very simply, it is a full beard, which is worn square, but sans moustache. The chin remains uncovered, but the cheek is not.

Chin Curtain

It is a type of beard style with no mustache to accompany. It grows down the sideburns to cover the chin completely.

Some Tips To Look Even Better

Before you try any beard style, you should consider some factors. You should always bear in mind that each face has its own considerations, including the jawline, size of mouth and nose. Even then, there are a few rules on choosing the perfect (or near perfect) style of whiskers for your facial features. Will you like to have a look? Well, here they are.

If You Have Round Face …

… Then ideally, try to make your whiskers longer at the chin area. However, bushy sideburns are a big NO NO for you and of course, try to keep the sides of the beard short. Instead of a full beard, try Goatee.

For Those Who Have A Long Face

Contrary to the round-faced men, a person with a long face needs to have a beard which is shorter at the chin but fuller at the sides.

For The Square Faced Man

Even you should keep your whiskers shorter at the sides and longer at the chin. Similar to the round-faced people, a Goatee can make you look pleasantly different.

For Those Having Larger Faces

There is one very vital tip for you. NEVER EVER GO FOR SMALL FACIAL HAIR. Always keep the beard fuller and keep the mustache larger.

The Small Face

Beware! Larger, fuller beard can make your face appear out of proportion.

Oval Face

Congratulations! You need not follow any special rule to shape your whiskers. Go for whatever catches your fancy!

Hopefully, this discussion on Top Beard Styles will help you to guide through your quest for the right way to tend your whiskers. Before bidding adieu to you, I would like to leave a piece of friendly suggestion for you. Even if you have never grown, or styled your beard before, don’t hesitate to try it now. Just remember, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth. ” A little courage to try something you have never done before can bring a big difference to the way the world looks at you. So, go ahead, try a style, and look your best.

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