Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Corded & Cord-Free Use: Clean and Shaven
Remington HC5550 Precision-min

Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Corded & Cord-Free Use: Clean and Shaven

With a lucrative white collar job offer on one hand, and with such a lovely lady to woo on the other, the scraggly whiskers that you had even a few months before is simply a big NO today. However, to attend to those unkempt whiskers, you will not have to rush to the salon every now and then, and part with a considerable portion of your income. If you are looking for an easy way to look great, then you can consider buying the Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Corded & Cord-Free Use.

Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer

Stay Sharp And Smart With It

The blades of this smart, new-age trimmer boast of a tough-to-wear-easily titanium coating, which makes them up to 300x stronger than their stainless steel counterparts. Also, the blades, being self-sharpening, does away with the need to change them from time to time. As for the trimmers, they can be charged via USB, or from any standard wall outlet. So no matter where you travel, the trimmer will help you to look irresistibly attractive. Utilizing its 15 different length settings, you can enjoy a precise control over trimming, and clean up the necklines and sideburns, or manage them, or restyle them. As an incentive, you will also find this unit ideal for dressing your hair, just the way you wish.

The Other Good Things About It

Don’t have much time in hand? Relax! Equipped with a powerful DC motor, the unit promises you of a super fast and precise operation. You can also use the unit while you have it plugged in for charge. Furthermore, activating its turbo boost feature, you can trim the trickiest of hair in a jiffy! And after you are done with grooming your whiskers, you will find the unit is just a breeze to clean. The Click N’ Wash blades easily detach from the clipper to allow for an easy cleaning.


  • Lightweight, measures 4 x 5.8 x 10 inches.
  • Ergonomic design with rubberized grip makes it easier to maneuver.
  • The blades, being coated with Titanium are extra strong.
  • The self-sharpening blades call for no maintenance.
  • Smooth, fast painless operation guaranteed.
  • Two modes of trimming: turbo and normal offered.
  • Ideal for cutting hair also.
  • Incorporated three lock-in combs offer 15 length settings from No. 0 to 14.
  • It can run for about 40 minutes cordless.
  • The unit can cut through any type of hair.
  • It can be charged through USB or via ordinary wall outlet.
  • The blades can be cleaned directly in running water.
  • It comes with two attachment combs as well as a bonus stubble comb, a plastic protector for the blades, a bottle of blade lubricating oil, a brush for cleaning the blades, adapter, a hair texturizer guard, a micro USB port, a carrying case, and an illustrated operator’s manual.

Consumers’ Opinion

With heartfelt appreciation from many of its customers, the Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Corded & Cord-Free Use has gained an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars . Though most of the users take it to be a compact, quiet and very efficient unit, some of the users have felt that it would have been better if it came with a light indicator that would allow the users to know if the charging cycle is complete.  Some users have complained about the absence of a tapered comb with the kit. They have also pointed that the manual has no advice on hair cutting. Despite these drawbacks, most users feel that it is a nice product for its budget.

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