Philips Norelco is well known for providing men with quality products to get the perfect shave they desire. One of the most precise, all-around best trimmer that they offer is the QT4022/41 Stubble Trimmer Pro. It showcases many features that set it apart from the rest.


  • Accurate results every time. Adjustable length setting in 1 millimeter increments up to 10 millimeters that lock Philips Norelco QT4022/41 into place for creating and maintaining a wide range of styles.
  • Takes around 10 hours to fully charge the NiMH battery. Lasts up to one hour on a full charge so you’ll never get tangled up in annoying wires or cables.
  • Virtually no maintenance is needed. Just rinse with water after each use and that’s it. The diamond-like carbon blade literally sharpens itself as you use it.
  • Flexible guide comb makes it easy for users to get a close shave each time without nicking the skin.
  • Comes included with a wall outlet charger and a cleaning brush used to keep hair and debris away while not in use.
  • Comfortable to hold in your hand for a long duration.
  • Comes in an attractive red color with a sleek design.


  • Does not come with attachments for longer lengths, most likely because it’s specifically designed for men who want to go after that stubble look.
  • Many customers state that they are frustrated with the learning curve to use it. It can take a lot of practice to Philips Norelco QT402241 get the function of it dialed down to a science.
  • Some complaints about how it feels cheap.
  • The adjustable comb can be set to different lengths, however, when you move it to the next setting, the guide does not move forward, meaning that you’ll need to trim at a certain angle to get precise results.

Some User Reviews

  • Cool, sleek design but not suitable for all kinds of beards.
  • Just not powerful enough.
  • Difficult to use properly.
  • Uneven cutting.
  • Excellent for giving a stubble look.

The Bottom Line

Although it’s designed to give great results, we feel that it’s lacking in overall design. There appear to be several issues with the functionality of the length adjustment that holds users back. It suggested that you try another make or model if you’re looking for best results.

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