Oster Fast Feed Clipper & T-finish Trimmer Combo: Look Good, Feel Fine
Oster Fast Feed Clipper & T-finish Trimmer Combo

Oster Fast Feed Clipper & T-finish Trimmer Combo: Look Good, Feel Fine

With your beard wildly growing everyday, the only option that remains to keep yourself looking smart is to shave it off regularly. Though it does not take much time to make it, the problem comes when you start to maintain the look. Visiting the parlor every now and then may help you to retain the look you wish to sport, but at the same time, it almost creates a dent in your wallet. What if you can do it regularly with a little or no help from your wife? Well, to make it, the Oster Fast Feed Clipper & T-finish Trimmer Combo is the only thing that you need to equip yourself with.

Performance Speaks

Whether you need to tend your beard, or clip your hair neatly, or give it a close shave, this unit is a champion in making them all. In fact, you will find that the product is simply a bliss to work with. This is primarily because it is operated by a pivot motor, which remains inside the unit.

To say the least, the motor is more powerful than the magnetic motors which are usually found in the less expensive hair clippers and even then, it is not as powerful as the motors which are found in the professional quality beard trimmers.

This means that the product is just perfect for everyday use. Nonetheless, as the beard clipper has twice the power of any magnetic clipper, it can smoothly cut through wet or dry hair.

Also, it has been designed in such a way that even without making any mechanical adjustments, it will snugly fit into your hand and thus, it will give you the most comfortable trimming experience that you have ever had and oh, you should also know that the adjustable blades of the clipper makes it most desired to a stylist! This means you can get your hair trimmed right the length you wish even without changing the blades. In fact, the blade can adjust from extremely close cutting (that is size 0000) to medium length (size 1)! No need to change the blades!

What Does It Come With?

This one-of-a kind combo kit is incorporated with a T bade trimmer, cleaning brush, blade guard, blade oil, 4 different guide combs and of course, instructions. The improved “T-blade” is designed for perfect trim-work, outlining and shave. Depending on how much beard you wish to trim, you can adjust the blade guard and then, utilizing the right-sized blade comb, you can shave your hair to the desired length. Finally, to keep the blade of the clipper resistant to rusting, you can use the blade oil. What more can you ask from a budget-fitting beard trimmer? Perhaps, reliability! Well, the trimmer can render you with that for a long time, provided you never mishandle it.


  • Lightweight, compact in design.
  • Operated by powerful pivot motor.
  • Ideal for trimming and shaving around beards, sideburns, ears, mustaches and neckline.
  • It can also be used to dress hair.
  • Fast and precise performance by the perfectly designed lower blade..
  • Quick and relatively quiet in operation.
  • The product comes with a trimmer blade guard, cleaning brush, 4 guide combs, instructions and blade oil.
  • Tri-lingual packaging.
  • Suggested Value: Toggle Expansion.
  • CUL and NOM approved.

Consumers’ Opinion

Most of the users who have tried the Oster Fast Feed Clipper & T-finish Trimmer Combo take it to be an excellent buy for its price. In fact, more than 85% of the users who have left their unbiased reviews on the product at Amazon.com, opine that it is a great combo set for home use. With very negligible complaints against its performance, the product gains a high 4.5 out of 5 stars rating at the Amazon website.

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