How to Stop Losing Beard Hair

How to Stop Losing Beard Hair

Losing Beard Hair? Here’s The Solution!

Beard like the hair on any other body part also follows the same growth cycle. It includes falling hair as well. It is totally normal to lose out some beards as well. However, there are times when you start losing beard hair abnormally in larger quantities. If such excess loss keeps taking place for a continued period, it is recommended to consult a good doctor for the beard hair transplant in case of visible bald batches in the beard. A loss of hair becomes more noticeable after styling. This is due to the reason that post washing or combing your beard, the loose facial hair tends to break away from your skin.

Losing beard comes under alopecia areata (AA). However, it is not contagious. Loss of beard hair is called alopecia barbae. The results differ from person to person. In some people only, few bald spots may be visible while in others there might be an extensive loss of hair. Usually, there is no sensation of the loss of hair. However, at times, people may face some itchiness or pain. Once the hair from that particular area is lost, a bald and smooth patch of skin is left in your face.

Loss of Beard

There might be different causes for loss of beard. One of the most common reasons these days is the stressful life of the people. Extreme stress might trigger this problem. This, in turn, leads to a loss in the confidence of some men for they feel that beard is a sign of manhood. However, that is something subjective. But, there is one thing for sure. Such bald patches in beard hair do not look good especially while going out for socializing. It might even make the person feel low.


Losing beard hair may be a portion of the natural change from the hair follicle development stage, or due to problems such as poor micronutrient consumption, low-fat, curbed androgens, overly aggressive beard maintenance regimen, or alopecia barbae.

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