How to maintain a beard
How to maintain a beard

How to maintain a beard

How to Maintain a Beard & Beard Care Tips

She gave a high sigh; high enough to make me look up from the latest edition of AutoWeek. Her eyes were glued to our giant screen TV where they were broadcasting an interview with Brad Pitt. I gathered that my girlfriend was again falling weak for this sexy hunk. I was just about to concentrate again, when she made her move. “I took you to trim your beard. Why can’t you maintain it? Just look at Pitt. Why can’t you be like him?” I wanted to say “why can’t you be like Jolie?” but I figured she was not in the mood for light conversations. So, I assured that I will take care from now on. Although, I don’t know if I will be able to keep up to my promises, but I don’t want my dear friends to face the same situation. You may have questions regarding how to maintain beard? But let me assure you guys, it is not as difficult as it seems.

The hair on your face is characteristically different from that on your head. So the maintenance procedures are a bit different too. Just start with two simple things. Shampoo and condition it regularly. If your hair is as unruly as mine, then get hold of good conditioners like Craig’s Beard and Stache Butter and make them soft. With this at least women will not think that you are some kind of a caveman on the run! But in order to make your impression stronger than that, here are a few maintenance tips.

Get a Good Beard Shape

A professional will only understand what beard shape will be the most suitable one for you. Therefore, find a good barber and get a good trim of your beard first. After the beard is looking good, you will definitely want to maintain it so that it continues to look good. And if you could trim it yourself, then do not wait for any invitation. Trim your beard and give yourself a tidy appearance.

A shaving Oil

If the shaving oil is clear and good, you will be able to ensure that lines around your beard are clean and not clumsy and untidy.

A Good Trimmer

A quality trimmer is the key to properly shaved and maintained beard. If the trimmer has adjustable trimming guide, then there will be less chances of mistakes. Trimmers are always a better alternative than a pair of scissors. If you want a clean shave, however, you can also use a full sized clipper. This will make overall trimming easier and for closer and cleaner trimming, the small fine-toothed trimmers will do the needful.

Regular Combing

Combing not only frees your beard from any tangles but also renders a well maintained and smooth appearance. Use a fine-toothed comb and run it through the beard in the growth direction of the hair.

Color Conscious

There are times when your beard start graying or is of a different color from that of your head. At these times, you can take the help of the colors that are particularly formulated for facial hair. Follow the instructions provided in the package. Do not and I mean “Never”, use the colors that are created for your hair as they are not characterized to work on the tougher hair of your face.

Those who are new to this beard growing sphere may experience itchy feelings. Use some moisturizing gels to get rid of them.

The hair on your face requires as much attention as the hair on your head. So, maintenance of the beard is a must. Unless of course, you are like me- who deliberately forgets to maintain his beard because his girlfriend looks awesomely cute when she is angry!

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