Hand Washing V/s Using a Hand Sanitizer

Hand Washing V/s Using a Hand Sanitizer

Hand Washing V/s Hand Sanitizer

Hand washing: It is one of the most healthy habits for kids to have for them stay stay healthy. Following proper hygiene habits helps reduce the instances of kids falling sick all year around. Usually it’s best to use a lathering soap to help wash away the dirt, grime and germs. Soaps usually dry out the hands. Make it a point to use a hand wash with moisturizers to keep your child’s hand soft and moisturized. Bar soaps while effective when shared spread germs too, so try and opt for liquid soaps as much as possible. When drying the hands make sure you always use a clean towel to pat dry the hands and that the towel is not shared. Hand washing in itself is usually enough for hygiene; you can however use a hand sanitizer after washing for extra precaution.

The correct way:

  • Wash with water
  • Apply soap on both hands
  • Rub the front of the hands against each other till the soap lathers
  • Rub in between the fingers
  • Rub the back of each hand
  • Clean under the nails
  • Wash with water till all the soap has washed away
  • Dry it with a clean towel

Using a hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are not a replacement for hand washing. Even the best sanitizers at their very best are an alternative to washing when soap and water are not easily available. Sanitizers work well to kill the germs on visibly clean hands but are completely useless for soiled hands since it cannot kill germs under the dirt like soap and water can. It’s important to be educated about the type of sanitizers that are available and used. The two types of hand sanitizers are:

  1. Alcohol free hand sanitizer
  2. Alcohol based hand sanitizer

The alcohol free hand sanitizer contains active ingredients like benzalkonium chloride which have anti-microbial properties known too last upto 6 hours with each application. The alcohol based sanitizers contain 60% or more alcohol to kill off the germs. It is usually the alcohol based ones that come highly recommended by the medical community since there it doesn’t give germs the chance to grow resistant and kills off a variety of disease causing germs. The best hand sanitizers contain moisturizers to counter the skin drying properties of the alcohol to keep your child’s hands soft and moisturized.

The correct way:

Take a small coin size amount of the sanitizer on your hands.
Rub the sanitizer on the palm and fingers of the hands
Rub it between the fingers and the back of the hand
Clean under the nails.
Rub till the sanitizer evaporates.
PS: Sanitizers should always and only be used under adult supervision since its ingestion can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Sanitizers should be kept outside the reach of kids.

Avoid sweet smelling and fragrant hand sanitizers that the kids can be tempted to give a try eating.

Simply put hand washing is the super hero while using a hand sanitizer is the reliable side kick when the hero is not available.

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