Hair clipper: which is better? Comparison and Reviews

Hair clipper: which is better? Comparison and Reviews

Hair clipper which is better Comparison and Reviews

The men’s hair clipper has for many years become standard equipment in bathrooms, and this is even more true today, where the search for the least savings is important. Using a hair clipper is a smart economic choice because, instead of going to the hairdresser every month and spending on average 20 us dollars for a haircut, you will be able to get the same result in the comfort of your home without paying a single penny. Significant time and money savings.

You already know that choosing a good hair clipper is not that easy. This requires a little research, especially when it comes to choosing from the many models of the big brands, the quality of the blades, the power of the engine as well as the various accessories supplied with the device. To make your job easier, I created this buying guide which will allow you to choose the hair clipper that will meet all your needs and can be used for several years.

What is a hair clipper?

A hair clipper, in comparison to other cutting or shaving tools, allows you to cut a large volume of hair thanks to the width of the blade. The motor of a hair clipper is also more powerful than other clippers to ensure an easy cut, even when the hair is very thick. There is often a confusion of fact between a hair clipper and a beard trimmer.

The clipper designed for cutting hair will cut a large volume without any difficulty while the beard trimmer, with a less powerful motor and a thinner cutting head, will hardly come to grips with large mops at the first try. If you are looking for a beard trimmer, we invite you to take a look at this buying guide.

Hair clippers: 2020 comparison of the best models according to user reviews.

1 / Professional hair clipper Panasonic ER-GP80.

Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

The Panasonic ER-GP80 hair clipper is particularly intended for professionals, because it allows a precise, regular and easy to perform cut. X-Taper blades allow no hair to be left to chance, its 45-degree blade prevents any hair from escaping it. Its design is thin and light and its motor works linearly with constant control of its activity with advanced sensor adapts its speed to the thickness of the hair, to ensure a uniform cut. Its wheel allows a cutting adjustment between 8 millimeters and 2 centimeters in steps of 3 millimeters, combs also allow cuts between 3 and 15 millimeters. Its Li-ion battery allows it to last for a long time. It includes a special ergonomic “Soft-Touch Grip” system which allows easy handling.shaver base

2 / Remington HC5550 hair clipper.

Remington HC5550AM Precision Power...

The Remington HC5550 hair clipper puts professional power into your hands with a clipper scientifically proven to give you double the speed and double the performance of remington’s previous models. the integrated pro power motor gives you a cutting performance that’s twice as fast and its self-sharpening titanium-coated blades are scientifically proven to cut significantly more hair with every stroke saving you both time and effort. the hc5550 comes with 2 easily adjustable attachment combs with 15 lock-in lengths and a bonus stubble grooming attachment. the click and wash system means that keeping your clipper clean is easy. with the click of a button, the blade set slides out to rinse under running water with no tricky dismantling required. the clipper also comes with a rubberized non slip grip for addition control throughout the cut.

Note : The different accessories are referenced in the manual because the manual supports multiple different models, some of the accessories listed in the manual are not in the box for Remington HC5550 .shaver base

3 / Panasonic Pro ER-1611 hair clipper.

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless...

The Panasonic ER-1611 professional hair clipper can be used wirelessly or on the mains. Its linear motor, which allows a speed of 10,000 vibrations per minute, ensures a regular and precise cut without any loss of power, even if the thickness of hair to be cut is important. A swivel wheel allows adjustment of the cutting height at 5 different levels between 8 millimeters and 2 centimeters. 3 adaptable combs allow to change the cutting heights between 3 and 15 millimeters. Its body, light, ergonomic, soft is easy to handle. Its 45 degree cutting angle allows a perfectly precise cut and it has an X-shaped blade with Carbon and Titanium coating which guarantees a long resistance and a particularly sharp wire. Its battery allows an autonomy of 50 minutes. Panasonic has outdone itself with the creation of this professional hair clipper.shaver base

4 / Philips HC5440 /80 hair clipper.

Philips HC5440 Cordless Hair Clipper Dual...

This Phillips HC5440 Hairclipper clippers cut hair twice as fast as conventional Phillips clippers, thanks to DualCut technology which allows you to tackle any type of hair. Its blades with rounded ends are doubly sharpened and self-sharpening, while including a friction reduction system. Its solid stainless steel protection ensures it lasts longer than other Phillips blades. It allows 24 different cutting heights between half a millimeter and 23 millimeters, with a wireless autonomy of 75 minutes after 8 hours of charging. Its removable head makes it easy to clean and detach its blades. It also includes a charging stand and a storage bag. It ensures high quality performance, being designed to last.shaver base

5 / Babyliss Profx870 hair clipper.

BaBylissPRO Barberology Clipper, Gold

The powerful BaBylissPRO FX870 professional best hair clipper features a brushless Ferrari designed engine, which produces higher torque than a standard pivot motor and is more durable. Moreover the clipper generates a 5 detent taper control for speed & precision. The FX870 features lithium battery for up to 2.5 hour cordless runtime. The clipper is also designed with an all metal barbell grip.shaver base

6 / Moser 1871 hair clipper.

This German origin corded Moser 1871 hair clipper (it only works with plug) includes a professional 46 mm wide carbon steel “Snap on” cutting head which has been diamond cut. The fact that it does not include a battery makes it possible to extend its longevity because the engine never loses power. Its cutting length between one tenth and three millimeters can be adjusted using a multi-click system. An adjustable comb allows a cut that extends between 4 and 18 millimeters. Its packaging includes a blade guard, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush and a storage box. Its motor is particularly powerful (6000 rpm) and enduring, which allows it to adapt to more robust hair. His style is particularly timeless.shaver base

7 / Philips HC7452/ 15 hair clipper.

Philips HC7460 / 15 hair clipper.

The Philips HC7452/ 15 hair clipper provides precision and total control, saving you from having to go to the hairdresser. Its 3 motorized shoes and its performances are supposed to allow a dream result. It extends its autonomy up to 120 minutes for an hour of charging and has 60 different cutting heights between half and 42 millimeters, in precision steps of two tenths of a millimeter. Each last cutting height is automatically memorized. Its self-sharpening stainless steel blades are particularly resistant and particularly wide (41 millimeters in diameter) and require no maintenance lubrication, the blades are simply removable to allow cleaning. The Turbo Auto function increases the cutting speed if the blade encounters resistance.shaver base

8 / Panasonic ER-1512 hair clipper.

Panasonic ER-1512

This Panasonic ER 1512 professional hair clipper is designed to allow men to make dreamy haircuts worthy of a hair salon. It is one of the most used clippers by hair professionals. Its X-shaped blade is made of titanium with a carbon coating to allow unparalleled endurance. Its cutting angle is 45 degrees. The cutting heights range from eight tenths to two millimeters. Its compact and light ergonomics allow a pleasant use which requires no effort because this mower weighs only 230 grams. Cut lengths range from 3 to 15 millimeters. The motor rotation amounts to 6000 revolutions per minute and is transmitted to the blade without direct friction.shaver base

9 / Braun Cruzer 5 hair clipper.

Braun Cruzer 5 Beard and Head Cruzer, 5...

This Braun Cruzer 5 hair clipper will allow you to style your look as you wish. Its “click and lock” system prevents its hoof from moving, while mowing to the pre-selected length. Its autonomy is 40 minutes and its system with two batteries allows a powerful clipping which adapts to any type of hair. Its special shoe includes a memory system for heights and can be adjusted to 8 different heights. Its ultra-secure precision trimmer allows you to create completely personalized shapes and styles. It is waterproof and dustproof for easy maintenance, while being quiet. It is perceived in the field of hair clipping as a form of ultimate experience through its precision and personalization.shaver base

10 /Wahl hair Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance...

The Elite Pro High-Performance Haircutting Kit has our most powerful & durable motor, our finest precision self-sharpening blades and Secure-Fit guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips. Featuring Wahl’s best corded motor. The motor has 15 percent more power than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium motor for no-snag cutting. Wahl’s Self-sharpening precision blades stay sharper longer and cuts hair 40 percent faster. If the blades are not oiled, it may be possible the blades will not move. However, even if not oiled, the clipper will usually have enough power to run. If the “voltage” in your home is low, then the clipper’s motor may make a loud noise. There is an adjustment screw on the side of the clipper that will correct that issue (noted in the instructions).

Note: This clipper is made to be only used in the USA. If used outside the USA, voltages are different and can affect performance and may damage the product. Save yourself time, money, and headaches between trips to the barber with the best in men’s grooming.shaver base

Before buying a hair clipper, it is necessary to define very clearly what is expected of it and what is our real need. We suggest that you continue reading and discover our few tips that will help you make the right choice and thus avoid any error in choice. Your hair will thank you.

Engine power.

It should be borne in mind that the ease of cutting hair depends largely on the power of the engine. If you have thick hair, you will have a hard time cutting it if the mower motor is not powerful enough. In order to select the right hair clipper, we will have to look at the number of revolutions per minute that can produce its engine. The higher the number, the better.

For example, the Panasonic ER-1611 hair clipper, one of the most powerful on the market, has a linear motor rotating at 10,000 rpm.

The quality of the blades.

The quality of manufacture of the blades of a hair clipper is a very important factor which plays a key role in the good cutting results. To be sure you get a very precise and clean cut, orient your choice towards titanium or ceramic blades.

The mid-range models are often fitted with stainless steel blades, which offer a correct price / quality ratio. However, great care must be taken with this element and, for more flexibility, opt for a model with “self-lubricating” and “self-sharpening” blades.

The height of the cut.

The cutting height of a mower is conditioned by the different cutting guides (shoes) that you will position on the cutting head. The vast majority of hair clippers are delivered with several clogs, generally offering cutting heights ranging from 1mm to 40mm. However, make sure before your purchase that the mower in question has it, in which case you should remember to get it next to it.

We also advise you to turn to a hair clipper with interchangeable and non-adjustable hooves, this will avoid many disadvantages in the future. By choosing interchangeable clogs, you can, in the event of a breakage, get a new one without any problem.

Ergonomics and design.

Is the hair clipper of your dreams ergonomic? Does it work wired or wireless? Is she pretty? So many questions that one can ask but which remains a matter of taste and comfort of use. Choosing a corded or cordless mower is a matter of practicality. In the first case, you will never have to worry about a possible battery failure in the middle of your cutting session, but the only drawback is that this type of model is a little less manageable and you have to have a grip current available.

Finally, you should know that the latest generation hair clippers have all been studied so that the grip is as pleasant as possible and thus increasing the maneuverability and the comfort of use.

Last tip: If you are just starting out, or have just decided to change your hair clipper model, we advise you to use the tallest shoe the first time and reduce the size as you go in order to achieve the expected result. When you are used to using your new mower, the choice of shoes will be much easier.

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