Different Types of Men’s Razor Blades

Different Types of Men’s Razor Blades

Shaving is a vital element of most men’s grooming. A well-shaved man indicates his disciplined grooming habits and professional outlook. A complete shave cannot be performed without choosing good quality shaving soap, shaving brush and Men’s Razor Blades. Some men are always confused about which type of shaving razor to buy and how often they should change it. Generally, a good quality razor blade is more likely to last more than an ordinary blade of an ordinary brand.

This article sheds light on some of the more popular options for men when it comes to choosing razor for getting that super-smooth shave that adds stars to your personality.

Disposable Razors

Different Types of Men's Razor Blades

Disposal razors are one of the more cost-effective ways of shaving. These razors are designed in such a way that you can use them for one or two shaves and discard them. These are made of plastic and costs very less as compared to premium and stainless steel razors. These razors are perfect for those who are always on the go as it provides them a hassle-free shaving experience. Inexpensive and convenient to carry, disposable razors are not meant for heavy use as they are made of flimsy steel whose life-span is very short i.e. maximum to two shaves and quality is nothing to talk about. Only consider it when you are in a hurry and looking for a quick shave.

Electronic Razors

Different Types of Men's Razor Blades

Electric razors are the rage amongst urban men for their ease and time-saving feature. Some shavers even consider it as a best shaver for men as these are extremely popular with frequent travelers.The Biggest advantage these offers are you do not need water, bathroom sink, shaving cream or foam to shave, you can simply use it on your skin straight away. You can use them almost at any place and it will get the job done in a hurry. Electric shavers are available in different types and price range. For quick and hassle-free shaving on-the-go, consider buying electronic shavers from reputed brands such as Braun, Philips Panasonic, etc. However, don’t expect them to deliver a perfect shave like double edge razors and some shavers have complained of irritated skin after its use.

Cartridge Razors

Different Types of Men's Razor Blades

These are extremely simple to use and allows shavers to use with or against hair follicles. Made of plastic or metal handle, it consists of a flexible center that allows the razor to adjust to the shape of the face. It gives a smooth and safe shave and one cartridge can last up to 5-7 shaves. You can replace old cartridge with a brand new one as and when needed. You can perform a good shave in nearly ten minutes with it and there are reduced chances of accidental cuts and bruises. Price-factor goes against them as cartridges of reputed Men’s Razor Blade manufacturers are costly.

Safety Razors

Different Types of Men's Razor Blades

Are for those conventional shavers who like to stick to traditional roots. These razors last really-really long because they are made of metal from handle to head which holds a single stainless steel razor. It is very cheap on the pocket as stainless steel razors come very cheap.

There are a lot of options in Men’s Razor Blades today, choose one that best suits your lifestyle and budget and helps in achieving smooth and irritation-free shave.

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