Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer: Your Personal Grooming Expert
Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer

Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer: Your Personal Grooming Expert

Are you inspired by the latest beard styles of Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson? Then, perhaps, you would even like to imitate their style. But the issue is that normal manual razors will hardly be able to give you the desired look. For achieving that, you will have to rely on something superior, something like an electric beard trimmer; more specifically, something known by the name of Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer. Now, you can find the look that suits you perfectly and feel good about yourself all over again.

Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer

A Fine Package by a Finer Company

Andis is a name that has for the last 80 years rendered quality and efficient hair styling gadgets to the beauty and the barber industry to ensure that the result achieved with their usage are of professional level. From such a renowned company which has recently started making products for home use, comes this beard trimmer. This trimmer set consists of 11 equipments; which include the trimmer, a barber comb, a beard/mustache comb, 4 attachment combs, a storage case, a tapered barber comb, stainless steel shears, a blade brush and lubricating blade oil.

Top Notch Performance

This beard trimmer provides great close cutting and dry shaving with the incorporated Super Fine T Blade. This performance of super close shaving also helps in removing ingrown facial hair. The blades of this trimmer are made up of stainless steel. It is used to avail skin-close shaving, fades and outlining. Moreover, this trimmer is also ideal if you are aiming at shaving, trimming, contouring and sculpting.

Top Features:-

  • This beard trimmer is of the dimension of 8.2 x 8 x 2.6 inches.
  • Maintenance is easy with the usage of clipper oil.
  • Little or no irritation is experienced with the usage of this shaver.
  • It is small and has an ergonomic shape so that it fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Operation does not evoke much noise.
  • The product is backed by five year warranty and consumers may even replace the product without any extra cost.

Consumer’s Opinion

By providing close and irritation free shave, the Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer has won the hearts of many consumers. Of them, around 128 consumers have left their reviews at Amazon along with a high score of 4.2 stars out of 5. Despite a few complaints like the device getting hot too soon or the misplacement of the trimmer switch, all has agreed that when it comes to close shaving, there is hardly any match to this trimmer. If this is the product which appears to be quite attractive to you, then visit for its down-to-earth price and shipping details.

  • Close cutting. Almost as close as a razor.
  • The machine runs smoothly.
  • Great for buzz cut, fade haircut, high and tight cut.
  • A good beard, mustache, & goatee trimmer.
  • you can use a safety razor.
  • Can be used for pet grooming.
  • If you ever used a professional clipper then you’ll probably feel the tool getting warm more quickly. It can be understood that the tool is used for home hair cutting.
Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer
Andis 29775 Headliner Trimmer
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